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Technoloxia Bangladesh has achieved specialization in creating all kinds of School Management Application / script.

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It's the system combining teachers, students, parents and other school staffs in single automation application.

Technoloxia Bangladesh makes available well-designed School Management Software that will always help in completing your assignment or task very quicker than time allotted to you.

School may possibly give the impression like a regular simple institution but in reality, it is far more complex. Nowadays, management of school can sometimes be a turbulent and multifaceted work for which you until the end of day feel the need of a few extra hands to help you finish your work. Could you repeat that if extra hand has capability to handle multiple tasks in one time? It can just happen only with management software that we provide to you for school or institution to complete the task more quickly.

School Management Software cleaves to the power of tremendous speed of computing and automation including many features of software that can be more helpful for you to run your educational institution far-off more easily.

Some of those features are as follows -

✔ Courses and batches management
✔ Timetable management
✔ Exam management
✔ Attendance management
✔ Admission management
✔ Finance management
✔ Student information management
✔ Teachers login
✔ Parents login

If you become aware above and beyond teaching students, it has various departments which handle different but specific area including of administration department, account department and teaching department.

These all departments together create an institution called a school that makes handling administration and other departments a bit difficult. In this case, if you can use School Management Software with the help of computers and automation in order to handle more or less every task.

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